28th November 2019

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Peapes & Co, George Street, Sydney:








In 1866 George Peapes (1838-1898) and William Shaw (1835-1915) bought the business of Michael Goulston at 355 George Street.

The Sydney Morning Herald, 4th June 1866.

 From 1888 they specialised in menswear. Mr Shaw retired in 1891 and moved to Wagga to start a new business. In 1898 Mr Peapes died, and later that year the firm became a limited company.

As business increased over the years the premises became too small, so in 1905 it underwent a major refurbishment. The follow photos were published in The Sydney Mail and NSW Advertiser on the 13th September, 1905.

In 1915 they planned to raze the building, as it was still inadequate but this was delayed due to the War.

A selection of suits available in 1916.

The Daily Telegraph (Sydney),12th December 1923.

In the Sydney Mail, 19th December 1923, there was much interest in the new Georgian Revival style Peapes Building. This was located opposite to the site of the original business.

“View of Hunter-street, showing Peapes and Co’s new building, which commands the George-street end.”

“A corner of the ground floor.”

“The first floor in the new Peapes building, showing the balustrade of the centre gallery.”

“A corner of the handsome room on the first floor.”

In the Powerhouse Museum collection. 1920s.

In 1970  the business closed and the building was sold. The demolition of a neighbouring building over the last couple of years uncovered an old painted advertisement on the side of the former store.

From https://www.commercialrealestate.com.au/news/another-old-painted-sign-briefly-reappears-on-a-sydney-building-during-demolition-for-new-wynyard-place-development-44631/

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