2nd December 2019

Thomas Stokes:

Over the years Thomas Stokes, and then his family after his death, ran the firm from a number of locations around Melbourne. The first was at 15 Mincing Lane,  which no longer exists but was located off Flinders Lane between William and King Street. This would have been convenient for receiving goods from Queens Wharf. He worked here alone in a one room shop from 1854-6. Around April of 1856 he moved to 115 Flinders Lane east (that is, east of Elizabeth Street), then to 100 Collins Street east from 1858-1881.

The stud below , made from a 1855 commemorative token, was made at this location.

“Thomas Stokes maker” dates this as prior to his partnership with George Marton from 1867.

This building was sold in 1881, forcing Stokes and Martin to move to 29 Little Collins Street. The advertising token below was produced at this address.

“Have your old plated ware made equal to new at half the original cost.”

The bust depicted is of George Coppin, an actor, theatre manager and sometime Victorian politician.

In July 1888 they moved to Caledonian Lane (Post Office Place), but in 1893 the partnership ended. Stokes’ sons would join the firm. The Victoria Police uniform button below therefore dates from post 1893 and up to 1901 (note the Queen Victoria Crown, which was not used after her death in 1901). Note the inscription P.O.P. for Post Office Place.







The firm stayed in that location until they moved to a new factory in Brunswick. The commemorative token was minted there.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have something from 1854-1858?

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