15th January 2020

New find:

Could these be Australian?

The Beauclaire Rose on a non-Beauclaire branded card.

The plastic is a little rough to the touch, and shows chipping possibly the to age or poor quality plastic. The card is 6×4 inches, or approx 15x 10 cm.

The detail that links all these cards and points to an Australian origin is the printed border on the card. It is also  found on other cards of known Australian providence:

Detail on the Coquette card. The ink has run, but the design is still discernible.

This button is also seen on Embassy and Woolworths branded cards.

All my ‘plastic button’ cards are not so marked, but some seen online have ‘A GP PRODUCT’ printed on the bottom. See below.

Perhaps my cards without this designation date pre-October 1941 when O. C. Rheuben & Co changed to General Plastics; the card with the designation post October 1941, but pre 1951 when the Beauclaire label was adopted.

If you have vintage cards with this design, they may have been made by O. C. Rheuben/General Plastic, and perhaps even  The Hermann Co (pre 1934) if the ‘H’ on the card with the small blue roses above is a hint!

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