9th March 2020

I have found a newspaper item that corrected my belief that the casein animal shapes we find were imported (although some were) including the koalas.

The Advertiser, 20th march 1944.

Perhaps these are some examples:

The price of Australian made MOP buttons in 1944.

New finds:

Three “different” brands with the same design cards and (trust me) identical MOP buttons excepting the right hand ones are 1mm larger in diametre. The name Czechoslavakia dates the cards post 1917. If the buttons were made in Japan, the use of that name as opposed to ‘Nippon’ probably dates them post 1921. So where were they actually made, as why try to sell them as different brands?

Seen online:

They have a subtle impressed design of flowers. This shade was popular in the late 1940s-early 1950s.




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