10th March 2020


 New finds:

A new variation of Mickey, and 2 Darians.

I also have this in silver.

A gold Mickey (mostly worn off) on a yellow background.


A newspaper article about novelty buttons:

From the Albury Banner and Wodonga Express, 15th April 1938:

The term “sooled off” was new to me. It apparently was an Australian slang term meaning to urge or goad, similar to “sick ’em”. The term ‘grotesque’ could mean a comically distorted figure, not only an ugly one. Pictures of  a prawn button, the Pop Eye buttons and Mickey and Donald buttons from 1936-1940  Australian advertising are shown below.

Australian Women’s Weekly, 19th September 1936.

The Telegraph(Brisbane), 27th June 1940.

The Sun, 12th May 1938.


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