20th March 2020

Stokes and Martin:

Examples of the company’s work as illustrated in newspapers: Unless otherwise noted, these illustrations come from a series of articles entitled ‘A Numismatic History of Australia’ that ran in The Queenslander in 1895.

Token issued in the 1860s for use in the Atheneum Club, Melbourne.

Trade token, around 1858-1862.

Medallion of Sir Hercules Robinson, Governor of N. S. Wales dated 1877-8

Design of Medals awarded at the 1881 Melbourne International Exhibition. (Published in Illustrated Australian News 6th April 1881)

Wesleyan Methodist Jubilee 1886.

A couple of the approximately 40 Jubilee medals issued in 1887. Many of these were produced by Stokes & Martin.

“Town Hall Perth W.A.”

Ballaarat Savings Bank

Badge of the Australian Federation league. (Published in Weekly Times, 21st may 1898)

Coronation medals presented to WA children in 1911.

Western Mail, 17th June 1911.

Army Championships Victoria.

The Herald, 4th December 1913.

The Mercury, 18th January 1938.

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