24th March 2020

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Sewing Buttons onto Cards:

“Carding” was very poorly paid work, often undertaken by poor women and their children. Many writers railing against sweated labour mentioned the state of these worker in Birmingham, America, and here in Australia.

The Worker, 22nd February 1912.

Daily Standard, 14th September 1914.

None the less, some were glad for the work.

Daily Herald, 27th November 1914. This is regarding workers in Britain during the war.

Some put a positive spin on the underpayment of women, but not all.

The Daily Telegraph, 10th Nov 1949.

Australian Women’s Weekly, 330th December 1964.

Published in the Tribune (Sydney), 9th August 1945.

The Sun (Sydney),  22nd February 1950.

Tribune, 26th Oct 1955.


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