14th April 2020

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New Distributor:

Haffenden & Jackson Pty ltd:

This company registered in 1938 as general merchants, However, buttons became their focus. They were deregistered in 1985.

The Daily Telegraph, 4th May 1938.

1952 Sydney telephone directory. Interesting to note where the various buttons were imported from.

The Sun, 26th October 1954.

British Button exporters to Australia:

As discussed previously, tailor’s buttons as well as generic trouser buttons were imported from overseas, often from England. As there were many button factories in places like Birmingham and London, I wondered who they were supplied by?

A couple of Sydney post office directories supply some answers. They had lists of British Firms registered for importing:

1886-7 post office directory.

Wise’s NSW post office directory. 1921.

Whilst several firms were exporting to Australia pre-federation, it seems that only Firmin continued post federation.

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