17th April 2020

New Finds: Woolworths


In a 1948/9 phone directory for Sydney, this was the listing for button manufacturers and wholesalers:

As well as a listing for the distributor that took over branding of Delphi buttons, E. Walker & Son, there is a listing for ‘So Lite Mouldings (G. E. Rhodes proprietor) of Albert House, 110 Bathurst Street.

Albert House, since demolished. So Lite was on the 6th Floor.

I only own three ‘Solite’ button cards, dated by the pricing to 1965-6. if they were producing buttons from 1948, under what branding were they sold?

I don’t know who G. E. Rodes was, but by  1950 the company had been listed on the stock exchange.

Dun’s gazette for NSW, December 1950.

Not long after, a proposal to form a new company from So Lite Mouldings and another firm was advertised. Unfortunately the new firm was already in financial difficulties by 1952 and in liquidation the following year.

Also in the 1948/9 directory was a full page advert for G. Herring

The name for cables, ‘Wilscour’ relates historically to the start of the firm as producers of sheep branding oil in  1931-2. G. Herring may have produced costume jewellery only around 1947-9.


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