21st April 2020

Button Companies from Sands & Dougall Melbourne Directory, Part 2:


General Plastics has moved to 36 Flinders Lane.  Haffeden & Jackson, button merchants mentioned in the 14th April post,  had a warehouse at 202 Flinders Lane also and were listed from 1960-70.

‘The Lane’ was officially gazetted in 1843. According to Wikipedia, due to its proximity to both the wharves and railway station, Flinders Lane was home to many  emporiums and soft-goods warehouses from the 1880s. It became the centre of the ‘rag trade’ in Melbourne through to the 1960s with many Jewish businesses established by migrants from war-torn Europe. My mother was apprenticed to a Jewish-owned millinery firm in the early 1950s, rising to be ‘head-girl’ of a table of workers.

Flinders Lane c.1948




In the 1960 directory, Maxart Productions was listed in Bay Road, Cheltenham.

Bijou Button & Buckle had moved to 5 Shakespeare Street, Richmond.


H. Arendsen & Sons were now listed at 1305 Malvern Road, Malvern, and would continued to be so until at least 1974. See http://www.ausbuttonhistory.com/?page_id=207

1305 Malvern Road.

Maxart changed its listing to Maxart Pty Ltd, still in Bay Rd, but also listed Par-max Pty ltd from the same address. Beutron (Aust) Limited , no longer called G. Herring, is listed at 104 Wellington Parade, East Melbourne in 1965 and 1970, but not 1974.

My Lady’s Button Boutique was listed at 335 Bourke Street (Royal Arcade). I mention it because there is a lovely photo of the arcade showing this store:

Gog and Magog in the Royal Arcade  with a sign for My Lady’s Button Boutique.(photographer and date unknown).

The store was successful enough for a My Lady’s Button Centre in Little Collins Street and Mylady’s Button Bar in the (now demolished) Port Phillip Arcade, Flinders Street  to open by 1970.


Maxart now has multiple related companies including Par-max P/L , Consolidated Buttons Co P/L and Maxart Industries P/L in Cheltenham, Maxart P/L in Flinders Lane, and Max Wilson listing himself at 31 Wren Street, Moorabin. These notice below shows the diversifcation of the company by the time it went into liquidation.

Commonwealth of Australia Gazette, 1987. This shows how the company had diversified.


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