28th April 2020

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Some glass buttons with an Australian feel:

Please contact me if you know who the manufacturer is/was. They may have come from Queensland, but that is not confirmed.

Top left: Koala in branch of tree right: waratah flower Bottom left: waves? right: tide marks in the sand?

Carol’s example of the waratah:

New Landico button from Don:

Perhaps a dwarvish archer? The Landico mark is on the underside.

In 1951 Landico Pty Ltd was investigating the method of metal plating plastic that G.herring had obtained licence for some years before. All Landico buttons I have seen so far appear to be metal, like above, some with enamelling.

Foreign Trade Weekly, 1st January, 1951.

They had a Sydney agent:

Sydney telephone directory, 1950.


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  1. Carol Fenselau

    Very interesting Landico Dwarfish item. Lovely clear backmark so no doubt of its manufacturer. I am curious to know if it has two shanks = double shanked button. OR has it got a hook and a shank = a buckle. A most unusual subject on the front.

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