25th April 2020


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Anzac day 2020:

Rising Sun badge made by General Plastics.

‘Sweetheart brooches’

Backmarks Top L to R : J.R Gaunt & Son, London x 2, Stokes & Sons Melbourne.  Bottom L to R:  Smith & Wright Birmingham, obscured, Stokes & Sons, Melb.


Hatpin tops made from 1942 and 1943 pennies:


Loyalist Token made from a penny showing  King George VI head and a RAAF button:







WW2 perspex sweetheart jewellery:

A badge encased in plastic to be used as a button, and a perspex token reverse impressed and painted for ‘Mother’. Such tokens were made in the Pacific region from salvaged perspex such as aircraft windshields.


Cigarette lighter fashioned from casing and  RAAF button:

Possibly made as rehabilitation/employment by returned soldiers.

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