21st May 2020

Due to chronic problems with using a budget web hosting service, I am gradually rebuilding my blog. It’s a  big job, but I’m taking the opportunity to ‘polish’ it, to bring the data and pictures up to date.

One thing I’ve realised is that I needed to check for permission/copyright for some images. Many libraries and museums have a “fair use policy” if attribution is given. However, the Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences hold copyright for some wonderful images of historical Australian buttons that I would have to pay for. Therefore I will have to delete pictures of Pearlbuttons Manufacturing Company, O. C. Rheuben, and others, and replace them with direct links to the images.

Thank-you for patience. I will continue to post on this original blog until the other is ready to launch. Some images may “disappear”, as just mentioned. Take the opportunity to suggest stories to follow up on, or corrections to make. Now’s your chance!

New finds:

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