13th June 2020

Uniform buttons by Stokes:

Australian Army Psychology Corps:

According to the Army; “The Australian Army Psychology Corps provides support to Army on operations and in garrison, in the areas of specialist selection assessment, individual psychological assessment and counselling, advice to commanders on mental health issues, specialist training support, critical incident mental health support, psychology research and operational mental health screening.” It was formed in 1952, replacing the AA Psychology Service that had been in operation from 1949.

Royal Australian Army Dental Corps:

Prior to 1943 dentists were part of the Australian Army  Medical Corps. The Corps gained the Royal prefix in 1948. (I guess dragons need good teeth to fight.)


Australian Army Intelligence Corps:

The current Corps was formed in 1939 and has been allied with its British counterparts since 1950. Its duties include intelligence, security, passport control, rail, air and shipping security, censorship,  prisoner of war interrogation and data compilation.

The insignia, modelled on the British version, has a red and white tudor rose flanked by laurel leaves.

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