23rd July 2016

Last night I was trawling again through Trove to find more vintage advertising, and found quite a lot… so do check both the ‘Advertising’ page and the Beutron sub-page.  Two in particular tickled my fancy,  so I’ll share them here.  Mind you,  I don’t approve of the chauvinism implied in the stereotypical images of these good little women!

The Sunday Herald, 16th August 1953.

The Sunday Herald, 16th August 1953. This David Jones ad is just so 1950’s;  look at the illustrated detail enlarged below.

Screen shot 2016-07-23 at 1.00.16 PM

Just look at the nice lady with her gloves and hat at the button counter.  And there she is at home,  first thing in the morning already wearing her apron,  sewing a button onto the cuff of her husband’s shirt cuff so he can finish dressing for work.  What a perfect wife!

Sunday Mail 31st May 1953

Published in the Sunday Mail 31st May 1953.  Now I know things were different in the 50’s,  but why “Mrs Jack Ferguson”.   Doesn’t she deserve to have her own name published for all that hard work in doing the washing?

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