24th November 2017

More tailor’s buttons:

R.W. Raby: Melbourne

Sorry about the definition; the button is quite worn.

Robert William Raby was a tailor and outfitter in Elizabeth Street, Melbourne from at least 1894.  Around the years of 1896-1905 his business was known as “Raby and Co.” then he was in partnership with Alexander Wilson as “Raby and Wilson” from around 1909-1913.  After that he operated as R.W. Raby until his death in 1939.

Published in ‘Freelance’, 21st May 1896.

Published in ‘Winner’ 5th Aug 1914.

A. Phillips: Minyip

Published in the Minyip Guardian and Sheep Hills Advocate, 7th Novenber 1916.

Andrew Phillips, a native of Derry, Ireland, came to victoria in 1878.  He moved to Minyip around 1883 to run a general store.  The business was successful,  and grew to be known as “The Big Store”. Mr Phillips was very involved in community life, and became a local councilloras well as a Justice of the Peace.  In 1916 he was tragically killed,  falling from a train.

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