Walkers (Delphi/Cygnet/E. Walker & Son Pty. Ltd.)

This company was registered in December 1954, and may have taken over ‘Delphi’ and ‘Cygnet’ at that time. Previously registered names of the company include ‘E. Walker & Son’ (c.1966-1981), ‘Walkers Fashion Accessories’ (c.1984-5), ‘Walkers BHS’ (1986 onwards), and ‘Bertram Fabrics’ (1979-1991). From 1991 they have traded as Bertram Pacific Pty. Ltd.

 They did not manufacture buttons themselves, but imported and distributed buttons. In 1981 they were selling costume jewellery, handkerchiefs,  belts, buckles, buttons and sewing accessories.

 Cards exist of both Walkers and Delphi buttons described as ‘A Delphi Product’. Delphi was only advertised from 1954-57.

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Published in the Narrogin Observer (WA), 2nd December 1954.

Published in The Mercury( Hobart), 14th August 1954.


The box above shows that Delphi was merged into the Beauclaire line of buttons, as happened with Leda buttons. The name ‘Delphi’ was phased out but ‘Walkers’ continued into circa the late 1960’s, presumably used by Beutron who had bought out General Plastics in 1957.

The same buckle on a Cygnet branded card. Presumably Cygnet was owned by Walkers.

The same buckle as above is shown below on a Walkers card.  Presumably Cygnet was either owned, distributed, or taken over by Walkers. 

Stunning black glass with gold coated front and sides and metal shanks.

The style of the card for these black glass buttons seems quite dated, even for 1954.

Australian Women’s Weekly, 25th January 1956. Advert for Costume Jewellery by Walkers distributed by E. Walker & Son P/L.


More glass buttons, ‘Pinnacle’, in grey and green.

Buttons and buckles from post 1966. Note the price stickers from the now defunct Waltons.

E.Walker & Son were distributors of Korbond products in they 1950’s. The buttons on their cards above and below were distributed (rather than produced) by the company.

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3 buckles; thanks to Carol

4 buckles thanks to Carol.

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