Mysteries- please help!

Here are some mysterious button makers. Please contact me if you know more.

Below:  What was the material used,  and who were the firm?

Published in the Weekly Times (Melbourne) 26th April 1950

Published in the Weekly Times (Melbourne), 26th April 1950.

Here is a more detailed article printed in the Herald (Melbourne) 19th April 1950.

Sunup Accessories

Printed with ‘An Australian Product’. Who produced these?

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From Pat’s collection.

Update: There was an import/export company headed by Albert Jules Aucher called ‘Aucher Limited’ started in 1928 and based in Sydney. The sample card of Mother of Pearl buttons below has TELEGRAMS “SUNUP” SYDNEY printed on it. They appear to have distributed supplied “Sunup Accessories”.

Screen shot 2016-06-16 at 7.12.13 PM

From Carol’s collection.

Dun’s Gazette, 26th June 1933.


Could this be a Aussie product from the 1950’s?

Screen shot 2016-05-10 at 6.35.54 PM

Mystery buttons:






It shows a horse and rider jumping a barrier. The banner is hard to read, perhaps ‘HAIL AUSTRALIA’.

This button is made from caste magnetic white metal (?steel).  Is it a fashion button or a uniform button?  Boomerangs do appear in some military buttons (e.g. Duntroon Miltary College).


I’m guessing this button is a fashion button. It appears to be copy of a Greek or Roman coin, right down to the irregular shape, but the “Made in Australia” map has a pointed, modern look.


Who was this button manufacturer?

The Sydney Morning Herald, 20th June 1919.

The only button manufacturer in Sydney that I am aware of around this time was ‘Herrman, Hatfield & Co’, but they could not have formed their partnership until February 1920 when Albert Hatfield returned from active service during WW1. Perhaps Berthold Herrman had started manufacturing before then? Otherwise, this is an unknown factory.

Unknown:  Prahran

The Age 10th July 1954. This manufacturer only advertised from 1952-55.